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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

THANK YOU all my sponsors and donors. You did it!  At 7 p.m. this morning, with a donation from brother and sister-in-law Peter & Sonja Schuyler, we reached my (second) goal of raising $15,000!

Actually Peter and Sonja's donation put us over the top with a total of $15,029! This past week Evelyn Quillen, Vickie Lynch, sister Sarah Schuyler, cousin John Bloomer and  sister-in-law Lois's friend Brenda Azar made significant donations to the Judith Karman Hospice. Lois is a nurse and so is her friend, Brenda. Both were thrilled to learn that the money raised would go to continuing education for the Judith Karman nurses. Also, recently I learned that the JKH received a donation from Laura Wever, a dear family friend. Thank you all for helping me reach my $15,000 goal and for your support and donations Laura, Brenda, John, Sarah, Vickie, Evelyn, and Peter & Sonja!

Please remember: It's not over until it's over! I may not be on the bicycle anymore, but I am still giving talks about hospice and the ride; and I'm also still open for donations!

I am in Vermont. Rode up May 30th from Boston on the Megabus. The 3.5-hour trip cost only $13.50 and ended in front of the University of Vermont. The bus was equipped with wifi and had outlets in the ceiling for aisle passengers and in the wall for window passengers to plug in their electronics. Bathroom in the back. Comfy, roomy seats. What a bargain!

Below is a photo of donors Tom & Mary Carroll, Phil & Lois's good friends who came to dinner a couple of nights ago when I was in RI. Lois loves to cook and prepares some delicious gourmet meals. That night's meal of scallops and pasta with a radish appetizer was no exception. (Of course this would sound better if I knew the exotic foodie names of these dishes.) The little radish appetizer was served on lacquered fish dishes from Japan. Merited a photo I thought.

Mary and Tom Carroll at table; Lois and Phil in kitchen

Radish appetizer on lacquered fish dish

The bottom photo is of a group of puddling tiger swallowtail butterflies. They were sipping the cement tainted water near the foundation of a new barn brother Peter is having built on his VT property. There were a dozen or more, but I could capture only these four.

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