Jan 7, 2012--Introducing . . .

THE GOAL:  Raise $10,000 for Stillwater, Oklahoma’s, non-profit Judith Karman Hospice all proceeds going to nurse education.

THE RIDE:  Solo bicycle ride from heartland Stillwater, Oklahoma, to Bristol, Rhode Island’s, harbor, beginning April 16, 2012 and ending nearly 2000 miles later on May 27, 2012.

THE CAUSE: Stillwater's non-profit Judith Karman Hospice. 

Choosing the JKH as my charity was heartfelt.  My parents died a little over two months apart when I was just into my 20s.  This was a very difficult time for me and my siblings.

It wasn’t until my mother-in-law received care from the Judith Karman Hospice in 2006 that I understood what a wonderful, supportive, and vital role hospice plays in the final months or days of a loved one.  JKH nurses and staff were lovingly there 24/7 for my mother-in-law, my husband, and me.

I am dedicated to doing anything I can to help our wonderful JKH hospice so that others can experience hospice’s compassionate care.  I would like to try to make the general public realize what occurs when one is a hospice patient or family member and what happens in the industry.

THE CYCLIST:  Susan Schuyler Walker.  I am a retired English teacher/editor/technical writer/curriculum developer.  I’ve also retired from vegetable gardening and beekeeping.  My local Audubon affiliation, bicycle touring, and Earthwatch Expeditions see me away from home too often to keep up with these hobbies.

Since 1998, I have bicycled the West Coast, Alaska, Newfoundland, the East Coast, the length of the Danube River, the length of the Mississippi River (3x), and crossed country on my bicycle (4x).

But, there are several things that make this ride different. First, I will turn 70 on the ride.  Also, for the first time, I will be riding for charity and will ride solo.  All of my other bicycle rides have been vacations on wheels with at least one other cyclist.  And, last, I have  plotted the route myself and will rely on your hospitality and that of hospices and civic organizations along the route to provide speaking venues, accommodations, and fuel for the engine where possible.

Susan and her Specialized bicycle with loaded B.O.B. trailer in  Bellingham, Washington, before the 2009 C2C ride
Please bookmark my blog site and pass the word to friends.  I know that together we can reach our goal of $10,000 and make a difference for Stillwater's JKH hospice nurses and the recipients of their care.  

Now we're cooking!

February 14, 2012

Woohoo! What a fantastic VALENTINE'S DAY!

THANK YOU to our first Gold ($1000) sponsor, Hideaway Pizza, and to our first Bronze ($500) sponsor, Cooper's Bicycle Center.

Mention Stillwater and people often say, "That's the home of The Hideaway isn't it?" Yes it is. Hideaway Pizza, owned by kite collector/maker Richard Dermer and owner-manager David Sanders has been in business since 1957.  A community and student favorite, Hideaway even sends pies out-of-state to Hideaway-starved alumni.  On Valentine's Day, they make a special heart-shaped pizza for lovers. 

Family owned and operated, Cooper's has been a star Stillwater business for 83 years, even providing bicycles to soldiers during WWII. I bought my last six bicycles from Cooper's, and I thank owners Wes & Mary Cash each time I get on my bicycle. They've been an enormous help in outfitting me for my various bicycle tours and they play a big role in our local bicycle club, The Red Dirt Pedalers, and in  bicycle advocacy.
And that wasn't all the great news I heard on Valentine's Day.  I also received my first route assist.  Niki Pope of the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce has been contacting Chambers along my route.  Thanks to Niki, I heard today from the Moberly, Missouri, Super 8 which is comping me a free room on April 25th when I roll in.  Thank you Wyndham Group Super 8!  And . . . the Moberly Chamber wrote to say:  "We would also like to help publicize this event with our local TV stations and other news media.  Please let me know what we can do to help, and if we can arrange a formal welcome and speaking opportunity. . . ."

Way to go Niki and Moberly, MO, C of C! This is exactly what I hope to hear from each of my overnight host cities!

And finally, thank you to my dear sister Sarah Schuyler; to long-time Audubon friends Freddy Miller and Nona & Jerry Wilhm, and to cyclist Charles Decker, one of my husband Jeff's OSU students, for your generous donations.

Together we can make a difference!