Look over the route, dates, and daily mileages below, and check the following list for the towns Susan will ride through. Then dedicate a day of your choice to a loved one. Did your loved one have some connection to one of the states or towns Susan will ride through? Is one of the dates below meaningful? Dedicate a day of Susan’s route to the memory of your loved one, and donate at least $1.00 to each mile ridden that day. Susan will announce on this blog the names of, and a bit about, those in whose memory she will ride that day.

 To donate online, read the instructions under the "Please Donate" flower
and then click the flower and follow the instructions.
You may also donate by mail. Send a check to Judith Karman Hospice, P.O. Box 818, Stillwater, OK 74076. Be sure to include a note with the name of the person in whose memory Susan will ride, the date, city, and a bit about your relationship or reason for chosing this particular day/date/city.

total miles ridden
$187.50 donation — 1875 miles ridden x $.10 per mile
$93.75 donation — 1875 miles ridden x $.05 per mile

total feet climbed
$386 donation — 38,580’ elevation gain x $.01 a foot (rounded off)

total miles climbed
38,580’ elevation gain ¸ 5280’ in mile = 7.3 miles (rounded to 7)
An airplane would take 10 to 20 minutes to reach this altitude; it will take Susan 38 days of riding.
$35 donation — 7 miles climbed x $5.00 per mile
$70 donation — 7 miles climbed at $10.00 per mile

number of states ridden
[Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York,
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island]
$55.00 donation — 11 states x $5.00 per state

average miles covered per day
$50 donation — 50 MPD x $1.00

Vanilla Donation
(Still very tasty and much appreciated!)
Any amount you can afford

Thank you all so much for supporting me, and through me, the Judith Karman Hospice!


  1. Jeanne--
    I replied to your request but lost the comment. This is my first blog and odd things like this happen. Anyhow, I forwarded your request for a press release to Valerie Bloodgood, my hopsice liaison. You should be receiving a press release before long.

  2. Susan, You Go Girl! Inspirational. Loved seeing Jesse. Cary and I bought motorcycles two years ago. Although it scared me to death, I took lessons and have ridden 1,000 plus miles on the bike. We ride jeep and back trails in the mountains. In January we went to Big Bend with some friends, who took their horses, we took our bikes. :-) I know, Crazy. Will send Nicole the link to your web site blog. She'll love it. Congrats! Mikki Couch