Pet Peace of Mind

March 12, 2012

Hello again. Never thought I'd be writing so soon again, but the donations are now coming in at a good clip.

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to brother Phil of Tiverton, RI, whose 74the birthday this is. Phil's house in my destination. He plans to ride the last 10 miles with me from East Providence to Bristol, RI. 

I would  like to extend a special thank-you to the Cat Clinic of Stillwater (Annette, Sarah, Crystal, Stephanie, Jessica, Morgan, Mark, Caitlin, and Lazarus the Cat) from me, of course, but also from my two cats, Teddy and Paddy. Here is the note the Cat Clinic included with their donation:
Dear Susan-- We are excited and awed by your upcoming ride from Heartland to Harbor for Hospice. After much thought and discussion we decided that from a cat point of view the best days to sponsor would be the rest days. We have enclosed a check to support the rest days and to remember the kitties that sit in laps and bring restful spirit to their human companions."
Thank you all at the Cat Clinic! I am touched.

Do you know that the Judith Karman Hospice is the only hospice in the area to provide care to patients' pets through the national Pet Peace of Mind program? Pet services are necessary to keep the patient and pet well-cared-for and together throughout the end-of-life journey. Funding for Pet Peace of Mind comes from a grant from the Banfield Charitable Trust.

This week I would also like to thank physicians Renee & Randall Willis for their generous donation. Renee and Randall are part of what I call my "medical team." Seems as one ages one needs a team -- sometimes even the size of a baseball or football team -- to treat the various body parts that are "going bad on you," as comedian Bill Cosby once said. Just kidding . . . kind of. Thank you very much Randall & Renee for your donation!

Other donors in the past week or so include John Mills & Sue Bonner; John & Cindy Boon; Marita Johnson; Sondra Blakley; Carla Knight; Jill Holmes; Carol Ann Deetch; Greta Friesen; past Audubon president, Pat Jaynes; Poteet Funeral Home; Red Dirt Pedaler and friend, Kathy Legako; and Ginger Lacy. Ginger, an acquaintance of my older brother Phil, and a member of Tiverton, Rhode Island's Open Space Commission, donated in memory of her father, John Lacy. Ginger reports: "My dad stayed at a hospice house for only two days before he passed, but it was the most dignified and gracious way to end years of illness. The kindness was welcomed and learned from."  Thank you all for your donations!

I would like to point out here that the Judith Karman Hospice, like many other hospices, does not house its patients. Those who experience JKH care do so in the comfort of their own or their relatives' homes or in assisted living facilities. Also, hospice neither hastens or postpones death. Instead it affirms that people should live life with as much dignity and comfort as possible.The Judith Karman hospice was founded on the belief that death with comfort and dignity should be available to everyone, regardless of their economic status; thus, all care, services, and equipment are provided at no charge to the patient or family.

This is why my Heartland to Harbor for Hospice bicycle ride and your donations are so very important. Thank you all.


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